Benefits of using the NFS

The rationale behind developing the NFS was that it would bring together a system that would combine carbon emission reductions with livelihood, biodiversity and ecosystem benefits. From this initial outline, the benefits that have been in-built into the NFS are as follows:


Focusing on the protection and restoration of Natural Forest areas.


Certification of biodiversity benefits in addition to carbon.


Project activities are carried out with the benefit of the local communities in mind.

risk-based baseline

Risk based method for generating a baseline scenario of projects.


Streamlined project process to minimise transaction costs and time delays.

natural capital credits

Natural Capital Credits are exclusive to the Natural Forest Standard.

With these integral features, the Standard will provide consistency and comparability for Jurisdictional REDD+ projects developed through the NFS and makes the project approval process more streamlined. It also encourages systematic learning and provides the opportunity to create an organic standard that can evolve over time.