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Integrating social, biodiversity and carbon values in the conservation, protection and restoration of Natural Forests

Natural Forest Standard

Focusing on a streamlined, credible standard for quantifying the ecosystem benefits of Natural Forest projects

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Creating a Standard that recognises the importance of the world’s ecosystems and the ecologically-significant value they hold

Ecosystem Certification Organisation (ECO) has worked with industry specialists to develop the Natural Forest Standard (NFS).  This is an efficient, accessible and scientifically-robust Standard to certify the integrated carbon, social and biodiversity values of natural forests at risk from deforestation and degradation.

The NFS includes unique features that are specifically designed to give it distinctiveness within the market and includes:

risk-based Approach

Unified risk-based performance benchmark approach for consistent and comparable baseline calculations

Integrated Biodiversity Value

Normative Biodiversity Metric for assessing the biodiversity value and significance of project areas


Designed and developed specifically for medium to large-scale natural forest and non-commercial forest projects

ISO Framework-Compatible

ISO 14064-3 and ISO 14065 compatible for project-level validation and verification for authenticating the carbon assertions and project benefits

Standard Documentation

There are a number of documents available for the Natural Forest Standard. 
Further documents can be found in the documentation download section of the NFS website 

NFS standard

This document sets out the normative requirements for projects working in alignment with the Natural Forest Standard for the validation, monitoring and verification of projects

NFS Guidance

The Guidance document is available to assist developers in meeting the requirements of the Natural Forest Standard, and for verifiers to assess the conformity of projects to the Standard

NFS Methodology

NFS Methodology 001.1b is a risk-based methodology for quantifying the Natural Capital Credits issued to projects operating under the Natural Forest Standard, for application in Amazonia

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