Standard Development

The NFS has been developed by Ecosystem Certification Organisation, in conjunction with Ecometrica, an Edinburgh based Consultancy Company with expertise in greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting, ecosystem services, standard development and climate change policy.

They have unrivalled experience in the development and application of the major standards for greenhouse gas accounting and ecosystem change measurement.

Together, ECO and the Ecometrica team have developed the Natural Forest Standard to ensure that the Standard maintains its focus on both project developers' needs and scientific and technical measures, and that they have been brought together into a useable, efficient process that is accessible yet rigorous.

ECO has also enlisted the participation of Independent Expert Reviewers for each stage of the development process and would like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals for their input:

Jeffrey Hayward; Rainforest Alliance

Lucio Pedroni; Carbon Decisions International

Marissa Camargo; Indufor

Duncan Macqueen; International Institute for Environment and Development

Catriona Clunas; Ecometrica

David Jarrett; Ecometrica

Ecometrica National Forest Standard