About Us

Ecosystem Certification Organisation (ECO) is a not-for-profit organisation that is the governing body of the Natural Forest Standard (NFS). The NFS has been developed for natural forestry projects within the voluntary carbon market and provides an efficient and effective mechanism for crediting the carbon and ecosystem benefits resulting from the avoided deforestation and degradation of large scale natural forest projects.

With an increasing focus on the biodiversity and ecosystem benefits that are present within the world’s Natural Forests, ECO’s NFS provides a framework for protecting both the forests and the biodiversity that exists in them, through the quantification and certification of both carbon and biodiversity, whilst also providing livelihood benefits to the local communities.

The ECO NFS has been developed due to a clear need for a standard that includes both the quantification of carbon benefits from avoided deforestation and degradation of forests together with biodiversity and social benefits into one all-encompassing Standard.